Big thanks to Burning Man for spreading the word on PiM in their email newsletter, Jack Rabbit Speaks.

Here’s what appeared in the newsletter which went out last night & let a whole new group of people learn about PiM,


Burning Man is pretty rad.  Parkour is pretty rad.  Put the two together?  Super rad.  Cedric writes:

“We recently released an indie film, People in Motion, about the art of movement & a portion of the film focuses on Burning Man.

People in Motion has universally received excellent reviews for being heartfelt, visually engaging, & emotionally satisfying.

A few other interesting notes about the film.  People can get it at our website and pay what they want.  Folks can also download it for free from Pirate Bay & other torrent site where we’ve posted it.

We’ve done our best to make & distribute this film in a way that resonates with the values of our community.  We hope you enjoy the film & if you do, we hope you spread the word.”