Enjoy the soulfulness of the fab four as you read this post:

It never ceases to amaze us, how amazingly positive the response of “People in Motion” has been. Not only have we received countless kind words from people who have seen the film but many of those people have since become collaborators in our efforts to share PiM with the rest of the world. Thank you to everyone who has been involved, whether you have helped us transcribe PiM into another language, helped arranged screenings, or have help to spread the word. We LOVE you all, and your efforts speak volumes to the power of human beings when we come together to champion a cause

Recently we had 2 public screenings at REI stores in the Austin Texas area. These screenings were a ton of fun. We had good turn outs and the enthusiasm and curiosity we received made us very happy.

Even better though, several people who attended the screening wanted to know how to start training Parkour. We invited them to a beginners training session at the University of Texas campus with local practitioners. Usually the turn outs to these beginner sessions are modest. However the beginners session this past Saturday was one of the largest Parkour Austin has ever had and It was a true joy to be apart of.

Our next free screening will be at REI Boulder Colorado on 8/16 and we hope the same reaction will occur

So let come together, collaborate, and do the amazing 🙂